LifeMeter is a life event analytics solution. It's all about finding high probability zones for life events. LifeMeter derives its results based on analytics performed by it proprietary cloud-based cognitive computing engine. The input generally starts with individual facts like date and time of birth, the location of birth etc. Its engine uses different astrological traditions and modern research. The algorithms are iteratively derived and applied to arrive at results.

Krishnaprasad Somashiandan

Architect & Co-Founder

Brings many years of expertise and experience in information technology, healthcare and global sourcing. Has been part of core architectural team which built an award winning CRM and a Work Flow Studio. He is also part of core design team that built MedOnGo healthcare technology capabilities. A Vedic Astro geek , he is passionate about converting crux of predictive techniques in astrology into reliable algorithms and giving out probabilistic delineation.

Balaji Krishnammagaru

Director Operations & Co-Founder

Hands on experience in building Workflow Engines, Application Servers and Complex B2B and B2C Cloud Applications and Tools. Systems Integration for Mobile Handsets and Development of Mobile Middle ware platforms and Multimedia Systems. Building Health records (B2C) and exchange (B2B) @ Kushalam \ Medongo, Secondary Sales Systems for Pharma and FMCG Companies.

Not a big believer in Astrology but a big fan of "R" language, he is passionate about developing newer Forecasting and prediction models using "R".