1.How it works ?

LifeMeter predicts eventful years in Life applying best of predictive techniques which are tested through its Analytics engine. This solution is free for all those born before 1980!! Just key in your Birth details and check when a particular life event is more likely to occur. LifeMeter marks the eventful period in ‘Blue’, ‘Pink’ or ‘Yellow’ depending upon the likelihood – ‘Pink’ being the highest probability zone.

2. I have a friend who travels abroad very frequently. Though I see many such periods are marked in “Blue”, still there are some which are not caught. Why is it so?

Lifemeter marks only the intense zones. This is more like saying if it happens, when it is more likely to happen. Lifemeter neither guarantees that the event is going to happen during the marked period nor denies happening of event in zones not marked.

3.I have never travelled abroad, still it shows some zones in Blue in past . why?

Please see the answer for Question 2.

4.Why you have three types of zones? Why not just one?

Most of the time the event occurs during ‘Highly Likely’ or ‘Very Highly Likely’ zone only. (80%). Those which are left out occur during ‘Likely’ zone. This means that we had to introduce zones in order to achieve good coverage and yet indicate those zones where the event occurs most number of times.

5.What kind of statistics you can share with us in terms of success rate?

We have tested the first module (Marriage) against a large set of very accurate birth data in Lois Rodden’s astro Data Bank (Marked AA under Rodden rating ). Overall the marked zones cover the event 90 per cent of time.
The travel rule has been tested by group of volunteers who are frequent travellers. It has been confirmed that at least one of their travel happens to fall on the highest probability zone .
It is our constant endeavour to increase this success ratio to 100% and decrease the area of marked zones to as less as possible and be spot on.